Is dynamo useful for civil 3d as revit?

Hi everyone
I am junior civil engineer and i want to learn dyamno for civil 3d but someone told me its not much important for civil 3d as the revit
Is this ture? Does it highly save time and effort in civil 3d?
Thanks much

Imagine something awesome and try to create it.
Maybe Dynamo is the thing, maybe something else.
Just explore…the exploration side of it, is the most fun :slight_smile:


thanks much for your response
i agree with you i was looking for a feedback about dynamo for civil 3d to know does really engineers benefit from it
thanks much

@engsalam10 You are asking the wrong question, you should be asking: “Does a civil engineer get bored by tedious repetitive tasks? Is there a way to check that all the data in a model is correct and to make sure it is up-to-date? I think an engineer has something better to do with his/her time; can a civil engineer do more than what can be done with the commands in the UI without being an API expert?”. Let’s make an experiment: 1) place a concrete tie block every 60cm following the grade and cant for 100 km rail track by hand. And then change the alignment and vertical profile and do it again. 2) Populate the property sets for handover to a public authority of a model with approx. 100 parameters per item for let’s say 1000 items, by hand of course, numbering them in sequence, reading easting and northing, calculating distances from alignments. And then delete 1 every 5 and renumber them. And change the alignment and recalculate the coordinates 3) Control the targets of a road via formula, but by hand. And then change the alignment and update the targets 4) …


Another experiment. Try to model a retaining wall with variable dimensions for everything - panel height, tapered panel thickness, footing depth and width, footing elevations, key depth and width, and all of that following an alignment and profile. Then change the alignment/profile and do it again. And then do it for 50 retaining walls. You’ll drive yourself mad trying to do it with a corridor!


thanks much for your response

i agree with you mr paolo maybe my question was wrong sorry for that
for sure i get bored by tedious and reptitive tasks and feel happy when i find a tool that
save me time and effort

and thanks much for your response i really appreciate it
i was asking for some feedbacks and reviews as i am new to civil 3d
and i was planning to learn dynamo for civil 3d but i cant find a specific course for civil 3d dynamo all availble courses are for revit if u cant tell me a course for civil 3d dynamo or data source to learn it i will be very thankful

@engsalam10 Autodesk University and this forum are good places to start. Soon someone will be brave enough to put together a course on mainstream learning platforms.


i had a very tedious task repeating the design of the bottom left entrance of the roundabout which in yellow area for the whole drawing in the remaining 7 areas which took me long time repeating alignment prof corridor getting elevations targeting corridor can dynamo help me in doing this repetitive taskes for me if yes it would be awesome and amazing !!

Is there a way you can share or explain how did you manage to do that? Thanks.