Can dynamo save me time doing the same thing in modeling this roundabout?

i am new to dynamo and civil 3d and i had a very tedious task repeating the design of the bottom left entrance of the roundabout which in yellow area for the whole drawing in the remaining 7 areas which took me long time repeating alignment prof corridor getting elevations targeting corridor can dynamo help me in doing this repetitive taskes for me if yes it would be awesome and amazing

If you mean selecting that area and copying / mirroring the design over probably yes :slight_smile:

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Hi @engsalam10, I hope it will be possible soon, see this Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

In my opinion you can do it now by Python.

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thanks much for your response i really appreciate it
do you mean i have to learn python to help me with dynamo ? and which level i should be at python as i have no idea about python right now
thanks much

Learning basics of Python definitely helped me with Dynamo. As a non-programmer I prefer learning sources where I can write and learn my code on the way to work in train or bus on my cell phone. I started with SoloLearn but there are tons of other sources. Try to learn from this forum or look at Python sample codes in Dynamo.

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