Is Daylight Savings bug


I’m trying to determine if a Date/Time has daylight savings applied. The IsDaylightSavingTime node doesn’t seem to be accurate. Does anyone know how this is being calculated - for example is the node using Windows system location or the Revit location?

Using Revit 2018 and Dynamo 2.0.3.

Daylight savings.dyn (13.5 KB)

It seems to be using the default methods for windows System.DateTime.

Hmm, seems like DateTime could potentially default to using your computer’s settings based on locale.

On your machine do you have daylight savings time enabled?


Yes I think you are correct. I posted when I was in Brisbane which doesn’t have DST but since I had ‘set time zone automatically’ enabled in Windows that accounts for the discrepancy.

Having said that I think this is still an issue for the Dynamo team. I understand that Dynamo can run in multiple host applications and not all of them needs or will have a georeferenced project. But the description of the node is not clear that it uses Windows date/time instead of Revit’s. We should have the ability for both. It is not really practical to change the Window settings to match the Revit project, shut down Revit, open Revit and re-run the Dynamo script.

@JacobSmall @Racel_Williams @Zach_Kron is this something that can be adressed in a future version of Dynamo for Revit?

Hard to say… As you mentioned Dynamo is on multiple platforms so a change to core could break something like the way Dynamo for FormIt or Civil 3D handles this data type. Easier to change the names or wording of the Revit interaction nodes, but that may break what you are after.

I will say that the best way to ask would be to flag it on the Dynamo for Revit GitHub page, as dev uses that as the system to track progress. I’ll flag this with the relevant parties though. :slight_smile:

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on first glance, this seems like two improvements:

  1. specify the behavior of the core node referencing msdn
  2. a new revit node that accepts a core dateTime - and uses the site location info to check for daylight savings.