Daylighting package error

Hello I am trying to do a daylight analysis, but I run into the

problem and cannot understand where is the error, I made it following the guidance at this website
I attach a pic with error detail.
Really appreciate any help.

An old post for sure, my guess is the location.longitude and location.latitude nodes are producing a different type of output than the weather.latitude and weather.longitude nodes do.

Can you preview the output from those nodes?

Is it possible to get the weather latitude and longitude in dynamo with revit 2018?

Not sure, but those numbers should work either way… looks like the issue is with either the node itself or one of the other inputs.

Try using the other date node noted in the tutorial.

@Zach_Kron fyi

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We can reproduce the warning with 1.3 (and have not identified a workaround) and also confirmed with the package author that we need a package refresh for 2.0. This is tracked as JIRA task QNTM-4069.

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Manage to sort out the issue as it seems when you connect the node date time by date information connect to the rendering environment node it does works. I upload picture with node connection in the case anyone run in the same trouble they should be able to make it work in this manner.
Appreciate the help from all of you thank you very much.

@gp24 Thanks for the workaround.