Intersection between detail line and Door

I have detail line which I made in Dynamo, and door ( I convert it to geometry )
What can I do to see if they have intersect each other or not
Ps: I need this information due to more calculation
Thanks in advance

Geometry.DoesIntersect node.

Note that you will need to convert the 2D detail line into 3D space as detail lines host to the 2D space of the view.

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Sorry can show me which nodes should I use
I could not find 3D space as detail lines host node

Such a node doesn’t exist, you have to build up the graph.

Try getting the geometry of the detail curves.

Then get the plane of the view.

Turn that plane into a coordinate system.

Apply the coordinate system to the original geometry of the detail curves.

Then get the door geometry.

Try and intersect the door geometry with the transformed detail curve geometry.


Hi Jacob
I tried, but the problem is the detail line is made from alot of small lines and curves
any suggestions ?

A detail line is by default not a series of elements… you’re going to have to share more content for me to help.

Actually those lines is creates automatic from (path of travel node)
My ida to see how many doors has intersection with the path of travel to make some calculations

Ah! Checking egress widths I see…

These are actually in 3D space, or at least I believe they are, so you just need to consistently get the Polycurve from each of them. A List.GetItemAtIndex node with an index of 3 will pull the value consistently. The rest of the geometry there

you made my day

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