Intersection between a plane and a curved solid

Hi there!

As it is possible to see from picture, I created firstly a circumference, as second step I create 2 planes passing through 4 defined points each and shown it as rectangles. Now the idea is to cut the circumference at the intersection with planes. I tried with Geometry.Intersect by selecting as input the plane and the list of circunferences but nothing happened.

Do you have any ideas?

Fairly certain this is just geometry on top of geometry, but because of the scale it is hard to say. Hide all the geometry preview for everything but the Geometry.Intersect node by doing a big crossing selection, and then right click the background and select ‘Hide all geometry preview.’ Post the results of they aren’t what you would expect (a surface or surfaces showing the intersection of the solid and the plane).

Yes, I confirm it is geometry on top of geometry but there is also a plane passing through the 4 points you can see from picture

The result that I want to achieve is to cut the external part of the big circumference in order to have just the part between the the planes (rectangles).

And you have done the first part of this. Disable all your geometry previews except the last node, and then look at your resulting data and it will start to be clear.

Ok, sorry.

i have this…

Notice each of the toruses (torri?) now have two parts. Check the image I posted and you’ll see the different. Split by the first plane, take the first from each sub-list, and then split by the second plane, and take the last from each sub-list (first/last may be backwards).

Ok seems to be correct, now I will try to repeat it for the other solids and list just the first part of it.

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I am trying to find the intersection. So, I can write the elevations (min.&max.). Firstly, I splitted my solids vertically. And now I want to define property set their min. & max elevation. However, bounding box and topology vertices do not give me the right numbers. Because I control the solid sections and max. elevation difference should be 3 meter and this technique sometimes gives me 5 meter. Now, I am trying to find intersection, but dynamo does not find. Do you have any idea?