Intersect geometry using planes problem

Hi There. I’m linking and extruding some DWG building outlines in Dynamo Studio, which is working, driven by an excel sheet. I would now like to divide the massing into indicative floors. I’m using Geometry.Intersect. However the result is only a few planes are shown randomly. I’m guessing this is due to the solid not extruding cleanly enough or the mesh isn’t being read properly. Any help would be great. Files attached plus a screen grab. You can see the resultant list form the geometry.intersect node has empty slots, which a missing planes.

Building Heights.xls (22.5 KB)
Extrude DWG with filter Test B.dyn (34.4 KB)
Polyline test - Copy.dwg (40.3 KB)

Hi Chris,

Here is an alternative approach to your task.

offset the lines from the DWG file and then use them to loft the solids. See image attached.

Note that I used a circle only to illustrate this example :slight_smile:

hope this helps!


Thanks very much. I’ll give that a go as an alternative.
Just figured out that if I change the Lacing to cross product in the intersect node it all works.

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