How to create a solid from two intersecting geometries

hello, is there a way to create a solid from two intersecting geometries such as this:

so that the resulting solid (as looking from above) would look like this:

Essentially similar to how two cheese wedges would look if placed tip to tip.
Im looking for like a node that would do the opposite of Solids.Difference maybe?
Or in combination with like a solid by revolve command somehow? Not sure…
Is there a node or something that I am missing? this seems to be a common problem I am running into. That involve very circuitous methods of remedy. I am hoping for a more elegant solution. Please advise. !


you have to work with points,curves, extrude!

thanks Draxl,
My example was probably way too simplified. Yes, I too can make the extrusion by forcing it like you have done with this example. However my question was more broad in scope. What I am looking for is a solution that can work with any intersecting shapes, with unknown number of vertices. The only thing I will be able to determine for sure is that the shapes intersect. I might be able to pull an intersection boundary line out, or intersecting bounding points, but that is about it. My apologies for not being more clear about that. Any ideas?