How get only the intersected geometry between solids

Hallo everyone.

i am completely new to the dynamo. I have two solids intersecting each other. i got the intersecting volume with the (Geometry. Intersect node). Now i want to get the intersection between two solids as a separate solid geometry plus want to delete the rest of the circular geometry which is not intersected with the rectangular geometry. is it possible? please see the attached picture
can someone please guide me how can i achieve this.

Right-click the Element.Geometry nodes and go to preview
Switch it off

@ammad.mahmood …try intersect all instead

Thanks for reply. I think i didnt explained it well. you see two boxes intersecting. at the end i want two solid geometries. the blue and the red one. how can i achieve this? Thanks. i hope its clear now

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Hello @ammad.mahmood ,

You can achieve it like so! For the small red square, you will want to use Geometry.Intersect which will return the intersecting Geometry, and Solid.Difference which will return the resulting cut piece of Geometry.