Interoperability between Staad - Dynamo - Revit

Hello, can anybody help me, I am looking to ease the Interoperability between Staad, dynamo and Revit but I’m not sure if it can be done.

Does anybody use Staad and have you utilised a working script that works with the 3 software packages ?

Thanks for your time

Possibly Excel to GC then Staad? Try explaining more about what you’re trying to do.

Hello Thomas, We are trying to ease the Interoperabilityprocess between Staad and Revit and I see dynamo as the missing link to achieving this.

What we want to do is to initially build the model in Staad then send to Revit Via Dynamo.

Can this be done ?

In theory, yes but its going to depend on many factors: model, size, model complexity, output file formats, metadata etc etc. If its a simple post and lintel structural model then you could extract this information to excel then rebuild via Dynamo to get it into Revit. The key thing to keep in mind is that interoperability between Revit and Dynamo is still somewhat limited. If you want to create usable geometry from Dynamo to Revit, you need to create Revit objects rather than Dynamo solids, surfaces or even forms.

Post a screenshot or a simple example that is representative of your model and also what you hope to achieve once its in Revit (structural analysis? documentation?) and the picture will become a lot clearer.