A fairly basic question about Dynamo: Can Dynamo sharing data between different software packages, how to implement

I am wondering can I use Dynamo to replace the IFC, which could shearing data between different BIM applications by exporting and importing data.
For example, what I am interested in doing is automatically exporting from a revit file into a data, then let the Revit or other software to read the data and then rebuild the model.

I have my own opinion, but unsure whether is right or not.

From my point of view, in this case, I would say yes. but just a bit complicated, as you need to build a Dynamo covering every element and all parameters of each element. and when you import the data back to revit or other software, you still need to build another Dynamo to covering every element and all parameters of each element, although this could be done by modifying the exporting dynamo a bit.

Does that sound right to you guys,

Thanks a lot

This is what it is all about… democratizing data, giving the power and freedom to the user.
But yes, you can only get data in and out if you can manage to build the graph.
So step onboard and try to learn it. Start doing the tutorials provided with Dynamo and read the Dynamo Primer.

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Is that possible for me to build a Dynamo file that can be generally used to export the data from a revit file?
Or we need to build different Dynamos for different revit file case by case since each file has different structure elements and different parameter for those elements?

That would be impossible for anyone to answer.

Don’t use/expect Dynamo to be an easy fix on any kind of problem, that’s is not what dynamo is for.
Dynamo can assist you, but only if you are capable in putting the right nodes together forming a usable graph.

You need to deside if you are going to learn it or skip it. The community as such can not take that desission for you.

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