Yesterday was my first day with Dynamo. And I would ask Does exist posibility to adaptate interface of Dynamo 2014 to Dynamo 2015. I mean I want Dynamo 2015 to look (work) like Dynamo 2014.
I found tutorial where man shows how to work in Dynamo 2014. I think for start I can work with Dynamo 2014, then in Dynamo 2015. For me who undertands nothing it’s look different.
May be I thing in wrong way and you have some advices for me.
May be you can propose me some good video tutorials in Dynamo 2015 for beginners.

Thank you for your help

Hi Alena,
Welcome to the world of Dynamo. It might be due to different versions of Dynamo. Here is the link to the Dynamo node book which has almost all the information of nodes and its functions

And here is the Dynamo Learning Resources link

Good Luck!

Are you referring to the library organization? The looks of the node library changed a bit from ver. 0.82 to 0.9 but the names of the nodes remained the same. Have you tried typing the name of a node in the search dialog? There’s also the option of the right mouse click canvas search.

@Alena1503 Why don’t you just download the relevant earlier version from

Thank you

If you know, which one of these files I have to download to get Dynamo 2014, please tell me.

If you’re looking for Dynamo which works with Revit 2014, ver 0.8.2 is the last stable version you can use.

If I were you, I would use the latest version and find some updated tutorials - there are lots of them. Using superseded versions is self defeating.