Insulation by detail line

Is there a possibility to draw insulation basing on a details lines?

Hi Zidane,

Can you be more specific. Drop screenshots or files.

hey thx for reactivity
i wasnt’ clear in my first post , i mean batt insulation basing on details lines

I’m not sure if this helps any. What are you trying to do? Some more info would be helpful

I don’t see the Insulation tool as open to the API so I’d guess not. If it were, or if you had an alternate line-based family, then yea, should be doable.

You can add insulation only to pipes and ducts (accessories and fittings), nothing more.

We all need more info about what are you trying to achieve, as apparently there are already solutions for that.

In Revit, we have Detail->Insulation lines, but they are not part of the 3D model. I assume you already know about this…

Marcello Sgambelluri made a Dynamo script to add insulation to structural columns (pipes and W columns), where you can specify the thickness of the insulation wrapping the framing.

You can also create parametric “Line Based” or “Face Based” families to make 3D insulation to be added on walls, beams, etc.

So, are you trying to make something in 3D that will stay in the model, or just something for a detail view? Examples would be helpful.