Add batting lines to wall type centreline

Hi All

So I’ve had a quick look but couldn’t find an answer to this one. Basically at 1:50 on plan, traditionally we have shown batting lines for insulation. Now we all know this isn’t possibly without over drawing in Revit.

However I was wondering, is it possible dynamo to do this overdrawing work? I’m thinking something like select all wall elements containing material “Batting” then find centreline, Add batting line on this line.

I’m not asking for the solution just curious as to whether it CAN be done before I spend hours trying!

Any help much appreciated.

To my knowledge, this is not able to be done via the API. I could be, (and hope I am) wrong though.

That being said, you could use a line based detail component and do this!


How about this:


I thought I remembered seeing this! Couldn’t decide if it was real or a dream.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

I’ll give the insulator add in a go, although I have no idea how to at the moment.

I’ll let you know the outcome, if not, @john_pierson suggestion looks great!

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Works a treat!

Now then, eyes widening, can we combine the two so you can apply the insulator tool to all floors at the same time?

Please start a new thread. I don’t think its a good idea to grow these threads. It’s hard to follow.