Family Instance by Family Name


Hello guys!
I am learning Revit and Dynamo recently and not yet understaning all things.
My task to make script for drawing electrical scheme in Drafting Views of Revit.
I have Excel sheet with family names and values shared parameters.
I take it from Excel and try create family instance with parameters.
The family name from Excel is string and I use node “Family.ByName” for create Revit family name then I get family type (use node “Family Types”), transpose it and applyed node “FamilyInstance.ByPointView”.
But appeared message “Dereferencing a non-pointer”.
Where my mystake?
Could you tell me please.
Thank you in advance.


Hi @AndryGrey

Could you post here image of your graph showing preview of values.



@AndryGrey Please re-post your graph we can’t read. Use camera button (top-right) built into Dynamo - it screenshots the entire canvas.


I tried take photo of script a few times but quality is low and it don’t readable.
I uploaded files to cloud, you can download it from here:

I understood why I could’t placed families on drafting view.
I try to send list of Family Types to node “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView”, but this node is working with only one Family Type.
I changed my script and script is allowed to insert two Family Types with three parameters by points.
But script get very big.
If I need insert ten Family Types with ten parameters then script will be huge.
May be somebody know way how optimize this script.

Thank you in advance.

Best regard

How optimize script for placed families on drafting view?