Use Family Instances as elements

What is missed in between these??
I want to use these specific family instances created by Dynamo, as elements to bring each of them a parameter value.

Assuming your family instances have a Height parameter, and that this parameter is a number, and you are providing an integer or a double to the value input… nothing. Just wore it in.

If that doesn’t work then my guess is that they don’t have a Height parameter, but that the element type does (in which case you’ll need to pull the types, and only set the value once per each unique type).

Actually, I managed to do what I want in case I use the “All types of a family” node. Because in this node I get elements.

This is a family which it’s height is an instance parameter, not a type. one.

And I use {4…7…#n} for their heights.

It works when I connect the sequence above to the last node. But all set to 4. Not the different numbers I want.

Set the element input for the Element.SetParameterValueByName node to @@L2.

Unfortunately, doesn’t work for me. Because I should change the instance parameter, not type one.

Post an image export of your full canvas with relevant previews expanded (via file > export after you zoom in so you can read the node names well).

I fixed The Problem.
My instances were not flattened. Therefore, I did vice versa and chopped them to be like this.
Then worked.
Is this the correct approach to unflatten a flattened list? Or there is a better way?

Hi @sinah3 is there a reason why you use chop and flattern…could it work if you just connect directly and with setparameter set to lacing longest

Do you mean this??
Did not work.

How about something ?

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The situation is different
I enclose the Revit File and Dynamo file.

I tried this approach when I choose the “all types of family” node and worked.
But when it comes to only the families on points of this line, I figured it out only by chopping my flattened list.
file for Forum.rvt (740 KB)
Line Path For Forum.dyn (71.8 KB)

Great it work…but not really sure what the issue is…

Look at the Orange box. That simple thing was the issue.
Good job.
Thank you.