Install older Dynamo Version to use BHoM Package


I was wondering if it was possible to install an older version of Dynamo (2.3) to use in the most up to date version of Revit. I’m trying to use the BHoM package for embodied carbon calculation, but this only works up to Dynamo 2.3. When I copied the package folder from my desktop into the latest Dynamo folder it just led to crashes when opening up Dynamo and then eventually Revit.

Thanks for your help.


I gave up trying to use it…
Afaik it still works in Grasshopper though.

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Where is the package located, and are there other tools required to use it?

Hmmm, it’s very frustrating. Great potential for it to be used in most recent versions. I’ve downloaded Revit 2020 again just to see what it’s like. Thanks for the response.

It’s downloaded from here Once it’s installed the package comes under ‘Add-Ons’. As far as I know nothing else is required, seems to working fine in Revit 2020 for me.

Installing an older Dynamo version will break all of Dynamo, and as such is not an option because you won’t have access to the package anyway.

Per the discussions on their repository, the package can be utilized just fine if you remove (and likely just as well resolve) dependency conflict(s) as noted here: Dynamo wont initialise or run with BHoM · Discussion #1344 · BHoM · GitHub.

Hi @ryandempsey19 try to use package which has been installed for dynamo 2.0V as I am using it for dynamo V2.13 also. It is working fine for me. Hope this helps.

No way am I removing Clockwork, Rhythm and Datashapes. :expressionless:

My company was working with Buro Happold who made Bhom which is why I tried to used it… But sadly they don’t maintain for later Dyno versions :frowning:


Can’t say that any of those even are the conflict until it’s tested, and even then I’d be shocked if it were one of these.