Different Versions of Dynamo for Revit

Very basic question, but I can’t find an answer. Revit 2022 is using Dynamo 2.6.1 and is listed as ‘up-to-date’. Revit 2022 is using Dynamo 2.12.0 and that is listed a up to date. I am finding we are having some issues with different scripts in different environments. Why is the older version of Revit using a newer version of Dynamo? Is this as designed or do we need to update something?



Thats a big question. We make costum nodes via python. So we get rid of package-managment.



Hi @anordstrom ,

Different Revit versions have different Dynamo versions. So for an older Revit version 2.6.1 is up to date whilst for Revit 2022 2.12.0 is up-to-date. This is as designed. (This probably has something to do with compatibilty and changing API’s through different versions, but i am not 100% sure on that.)

For Civil3D there is even a difference between Civil3D 2022 (2.10) and Civil3D 2022.1.2+ (2.12).

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@Daan is correct. Each update of Revit will get you a new version of Dynamo. This was done in Revit 2020 to simplify Dynamo deployment, while in 2019 and prior you had to install not just the right packages but also the right Dynamo version.


Hijacking this topic (i know).
Any idea why on every PC at my work
Dynamo crashes when i try to add a path
(through preferences), but works when i add the
path in the .xml?

Revit 2022 by the way.
Never had this for older Revit / Dynamo versions.

Likely an issue with trying to load the new dependencies on the fly, causing a conflict in a namespace already in use. By using the XML Dynamo doesn’t have the tools in use yet and as such can better handle the conflict.

Any way to resolve this? @JacobSmall

Though i don’t mind the .xml ‘fix’.

Can you elaborate on dependencies / namespace?

Sorry. I think you understood, but I meant to say that Revit 2021 was using 2.6 while 2022 was using 2.12. Sounds like it is per design, but it’s just confusing.

I think you are misreading the version numbers.
2.6 is < 2.12.
version number components can go higher than 10.

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Oh my goodness. You are right. :sweat_smile:

Still good to see the responses about the versioning.

If you have ie: ArchiLab already accessible, and try to add a reference to ie: ArchiLab you’re trying to load over something which is already in use by Dynamo.

Obviously I can’t confirm this as I am not in your network, but it’s as a good a working theory as any; Could also be that there is an info sec policy /tool /restriction preventing ‘hotloading’ of code; or that there is a concurrent access condition as one of the packages is referencing another package; Lots of reasons, but without local troubleshooting we can’t confirm.

It happens on peoples PC too, who never used Dynamo in Revit 2022 before.
There are also no Custom Packages in the ‘standard’ folders so i guess it is not that.

Can this also be a tool outside Revit / Dynamo?

Yes - IE antivirus.

My recommended procedure is to auto copy the packages onto the PC at the standard location at login .


Thanks for explaining!

This i can work with.