BHoM not appearing in dynamo pa

I am attempting to use BHoM in dynamo. I have it installed in revit, it appears in my task bar but I cannot find the package in dynamo nor can I find any way of installing them. Any help would be great, thanks!

I ran into this same issue recently. What i observed is that it installs it, but it puts it in the folder for dynamo 2.3 (i think. one of the older versions). The problem is that causes dynamo to crash. I tried moving it to 2.10 and opening an older version of revit that uses 2.3 and it would crash both times.

So you have not found a fix for it either yet to run in Dynamo 2.10 or later?

Hi @markb43 @mclough try to get that details from packages installed for 2.0 and paste it in the folder 2.12 or 2.10. It is working for me in 2.12. Hope this helps !!