New gridline in curtainwall

Hi all.

I know how to get curtainwall, mullion, curtainpanel element in to dynamo…

But is it possible to insert new girdline and mullions in to curtainwall with dynamo?


Hi Bardur,

Similar topic is discussed here

Hope it helps!

Hi Bardur,

I created nodes in the ReAnimation package to create and move curtainwall grids.Inputs are the selected curtainwall and numbers representing the spacing (they always start from the beginning), you will need the math node included in the package to set distances based off of an offset from the last gridline. I have nothing yet for Curtain mullions.

Let me know if you encounter any issues

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Thank you for the answer

I have see this before and try to use it, but I can figur out how to use it?

This is good stuff, works great, easy to use, thank you


Hi Travis ı have downloaded your package, but coulnd’t create grid.I tried using numbers as spacing values…What is mymistake?

HI Anil,

Are you using the incremental addition node in the math tab of the package? The way the Revit API works for curtain grids is it always restarts from the beginning of the wall. Therefore if I made a number list like [1, 1, 1, 1], I would only get one grid line but the incremental math node will adjust this to be [1, 2, 3, 4] so I would get four grid lines one foot apart.
If this does not solve your issue please send me a screenshot of your node and I would be happy to take a look.


Hello, very nice package,
I donwloaded and started to use, but for me I have problems with creating hor.GridsRevit

Grid_By_Wall.dyn (10.1 KB)

Why I have no Gridline for horizontal? I need two or three every time on same place (120mm,900mm,1250mm)

Best regards

Hi Heinrich,

It appears you found a bug in the script. It was not converting the units to mm for the wall height. I just fixed it, please update the package and let me know if there is still an issue.


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OK, not my fault, thats good. Sorry for creating work :slight_smile:
but after updating, it seems, I lost something.


I see the issue, You are still on version 1.3 of dynamo. When I updated I used 2.0. You’ll need to update your Dynamo version for it to work. Sorry about that.


Thanks for that info, but we still use Revit 2016 in some of the projects, regarding long term projects in the healthcare-architecture.

We need to use Dynamo 1.3.2 till all our Projects are updated to a version heigher then 2016.
Heinrich Boldt

Hey @Travis_Williams , how it is goin’?

Do you think this node can work in a single transaction without ending it?
I’m running a little test and and whenever I change a value new grid lines are added. Would be nice if they just change location.