Insert placeholder families for voids does not work like i want

Dear Dynamobim users

I need your help with my script for placing void placeholder families.

Why i do this is because i need the adjustable families, for labeling and the 2D graphic they provide for printed drawings.

The script works as following:

There are 4 famlies for vertical, horizontal, round and rectangular voids.
First i filter round and recangular ducts, then create a list with for e.g. all round components and clash them with a list of all for e.g. vertical Wall elemnts.
The node gives me a clashpoint where i place the particular family. Then i adjust the length, width, heigth, level and rotation.

Now the goal is to create 3 stages of families like this:

  • stage 1: initial placement
  • stage 2: void not approved
  • stage 3: void approved

this is at the moment realised with familytypes.

Now the first round is done every clashpoint has its family. Next step ist to manually check all families adjust sizes, combine voids and change the type to void not approved.
Meanwhile there should be some more pipes and ducts which create clashpoints so i want to run the script again. Now it should place a new family at every clashpoint with type “initial placement”.
So we should have a lot of double families with the two different types and some all new from the new pipes and ducts.
Now i want somehow delete all families that are double or tripple and lower stage. But what happens is that all families are placed new and the older ones with changed types are gone too.
How can i solve this problem and achieve my functionality. Maybe someone has a far more elegant solution to this.

I also have some other questions:

  • how can i properly rotate the families in right direction at first time? (atm i have tu run the script twice)
  • how can i rotatet the horizontal families without an given direction? Is there one i can use to also match the dimensions of the duct/pipe correct?
  • how do i get floor and roof thickness right in a list that matches list of placed families, so that thickness is assigned correct.
  • more questions surely will appear while work is on progress… :smiley:

I am using Revit 2017.2 with Dynamo Core Dynamo Revit -
The packages i use u can see in the picture of the provided files as well as .rvt and .dyn file

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I appreciate it!

Here you can download the files: Files

Do i have to describe it better or did i forget some information you need to help?
Thank you for your help.