Insert photo location/GPS data from android phones

Hey there,

I’m wanting to extract GPS data from photos and use them in Civil 3D like in the example below:

This is working perfectly, however it only works with photos taken on Apple phones (or at least not on the android phones I’ve tried).This is how it should look in Civil 3D
Apple GPS data

And this is what I get with uploading from my Pixel 3

The rotation data seems to work, but the GPS data is all the same for every picture (it’s different in picture properties).

Could I break the script down more to be able to extract GPS data from both Apple and Android phones at the same time?

New to this, so hope this makes sense :slight_smile:
Insert Photo Map Location Example.dyn (33.2 KB)


Your script worked fine for me :slight_smile: maybe the phone had a GPS problem. You can maybe do a spot check on the exif data and see if they all have the same coordinates. My phone didn’t record the angle for these pics but the location aspect works.



Found pictures with a newer phone which has rotation and the script works as well for me.

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That’s weird… I did check the exif and they were all different, so not sure whats happening there. I’ll give it a go with some other files and see how it goes. Seems like it’s just my phone then.

Thanks for testing this for me! :slight_smile:

This was discussed awhile ago in the Civil 3D Toolkit thread. Search ‘Android’ within the thread and you’ll see the posts.