Insert object with dynamo into the right project location

Hello all,

I created a script which insert object ins specific x,y,z (came from Navis). the issue is that the project has a project coordinates, (not 0,0,0) with a specific north (not true north). this issue creates that my object are allocated in different position to my project, I manage to get the correct level by subtracting the project coordinates but i can´t get the right orientation


Any help?

Look into creating a coordinate system using the project base point as it’s origin, rotated to the angle of true north. Once you have the coordinate system, create the points using Point.ByCartesianCoordinates.

You may have to also subtract the N/S and E/W (taken from Project Base Point) from the x and y you get from the import before using in the Point.ByCartesianCoordinates node.


Hi Kennyb6,

thanks for your answer, the issue is that i can´t make it to work.
the problem is to import the object into the project when the project has “project coordinates” and especially an angle for the “true north”.

any idea how to resolve it?

To get the orientation you could use this:


you could also try to change the navis setting:

Hi @TonyTowers,

You could try to convert the location of your points with the Convert Point in Coordinate Systems node.


Hi @Johannes_Meiners,

i tried the node, however the values obtained where different, in X & Y, to the Project base point the value for angle was 360 - a when my angle is 321 and it gave me 39.

regarding changing the navis coordinates to internal was already done.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

this node waorks fine but still not complete useful to me, i don´t know what could be wrong


the actual problem is the origin point, if I insert an object in my theoretical 0,0,0 and use it to move all to the object to the correct 0,0,0, (theoretical to correct 0,0,0) then all the points are totally right.

any idea of what could be?