Insert from file: Insert Multiple Drafting Views from Master Drafting (Detail) View folder

Issue: My company has created a master list of MEP details as drafting views on our server that we can pull from for a specific project. Right now the two options for inserting them into a project is: 1. We insert them individually one by one (on a large project this takes a while) 2. We can load the entire list and delete out all the unneeded views (also takes time). For some reason we are unable to Ctrl. Select the ones we need and insert only those.

I would like to write a script where someone can select only the drafting views needed for that specific project. Has anyone attempted to do this? I am sure it is not a complicated script but I am still getting to know dynamo. I am exploring the option of using excel to select individual views but ideally I would like the script to be run from the dynamo player where the individual does not have to go to an excel file to select what they need.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am also still researching this and will post updates on attempted scripts and information I find. Thank you and have a great day!

Tip: build a family from each view.

Create all the details in a single Revit project file, or multiple project files per detail type. Then in your project file go to the “Insert” tab, and then “Insert Views from File.” In that dialog box you will be able to select multiple drafting views that you want to bring in.

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