Insert Drafting View with Search Feature

Curious if anyone has created a tool to add a search feature for Insert Files From View.

Looking at making one specific for drafting views, since we have a file with all of our MEP details, and want to be able to load the related details as needed. Going to work on something, but wanted to get input before I reinvented the wheel.


@kmackenzie If I’m understanding your goal correctly this thread should help:

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Yes but one step further! I’d like to be able to create an interface with a search, so you can look up the name of the drafting view to select it. Also with a preview panel to see it. Right now, all you can do is filter by sheet or view.

Data Shapes can get you a better interface but it won’t be as “interactive” as what you’re talking about. I think you’d be better off with a fully coded add-in in this case. I just don’t know if Dynamo is the right approach.

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This could be possible with utilizing the Data-Shapes package UI nodes if you are using Revit 2017 or above and the Dynamo player. I think the preview panel would be a bit more difficult to achieve.

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