Filtering down drafting views

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new to dynamo, I have a graph that selects drafting views & the elements on those views & copies them across into my project, was just wondering is there a way to filter these down so instead of bringing in ALL the drafting views I can select specific views to bring across i.e certain schematics & details, any advice be appreciated. below is a snippet of my graph.

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Yes. Check out Data-Shapes. It has nodes for a user interface and would allow you to select the views you want manually.


thanks I will take a look

Could also select all drafting views and filter to views of a certain type with a filter by book mask. Or filter by views on sheet. Or… well there are 100s of ways but we need more info about your workflow if datashapes doesn’t work for you.

Why not just use revit’s “insert view from file” function?

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Could be a speed/frequency thing. Every job of this type needs all 300 of these views, but every view of that type needs those 300, and so on. Having a pre-set list for the one reference file would certainly speed things along.

Of course. If you have such a specific project type that requires 300 set drafting views then having those views in a project template says no extra work at all. :slight_smile:

Except for the need to manage the various combinations of templates. One detail file to rule them all! Wood partitions/metal stud partitions, steel pan stair/ concrete stair/ wood stair, composite deck/ concrete deck/ precast deck/ wood framed deck… you can see how quickly these add up and deleting 3x drafting views so you can keep the x you want is time consuming.

Hi guys

thanks for your replies been a busy weekend an never got on to check posts, but much appreciated will check out all your info & will hopefully get things working will post back with progress, basically I have a list of drafting views with schematics that we use within out projects set up within another file, most of them we don’t use all the time so am looking to be able to identify the views I use most & copy across into my working file without having to bring them over all of them which this workflow graph does at the moment, I know I could use ‘insert from file’ but this is more of a task set by my employers to start to automate some repetitive practices we use at the moment.

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