Insert family along line path

I haven’t started on this just yet, but wondering if I could get any heads up on starting this project.

I have families that can be inserted on a path such as a wall path. I want to be able to pick certain points along this path, e.g. corners and openings, for certain parts to insert into. I also have an idea of the main part being able to determine the optimal size of itself to finish out the wall section. For example, the section is 40’-0" long and the family is 48" long. From corner to opening it would insert corner piece and start laying down the major family. When it gets to the opening it would change types to insert a smaller family then give me the option of inserting a door or window family. Maybe I have it insert the opening family first then come back and access what the left over size is and then insert the best family.

I know I may be asking for a lot here, but I have seen where you can insert families on nodes/reference points, and wondering if it could happen interactively.

I’m a rookie here with Dynamo, so any suggestions would be helpful. Going to start with the basics and go from there.