Placing family type around column

Hello everyone, I am currently wanting to place form work around all columns in my project and I am need of help.

Currently this is about all I have:

I don’t wanna be rude but that isn’t much…

Also we could do with more information.
Is the formwork one Family or four Families (one for each side

In example
You could make a Family with the same Base Point and place it on the Columns Base Point.
Then get the Depth and Width from the Column and push it to the Depth and Width Parameters (Instance) of the formwork Family.

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To add to this, I’ve sometimes lead users towards the idea of building formwork into their families with visibility/setout parameters, or placing it using wall/floor tools instead of families. Be sure to explore Revit native approaches as well as just Dynamo approaches.

I’d suggest beginning at the column origin, then moving out in each direction by half the property (width/2 in x direction, depth/2 in y direction). Create lines from this point in either direction and these can be used as a wall placement line. This is just one example of a method you could use, but you’ll have other considerations as you develop such as rotated columns, circular columns etc. Start simple and go from there. Begin with just one column versus a list of them.

Also if you’re new to Dynamo, read the Primer first. The components you’ve placed down indicate to me you know some aspects of Dynamo (e.g. a string in a code block), but the Primer has some good examples of actual workflows versus building blocks.

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haha yea this is definitely not much at all, I just wasnt sure what my actual next steps were but currently I’ve been working through certain ideas which can be seen in the image below.

The formwork will be one whole family which hasnt been fully made yet but I’m using a railing system as a place holder right now.

Gavin, thank you so much! This is really helpful.

I sort of just jumped the gun and went straight into dynamo without actually looking at the primer. I’ve started using dynamo in July so fairly recently I’d say. I’ve been learning most of it from your videos :smiley:

Thank you so much for this information, this is great!

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