Insert detail views from master details

Ok so I do not know if this has been addressed yet. I am trying to take 2D detail views from master detail project file and insert them into current project also would like to locate on sheet as well.

Hi @Ziese ,
Looking at this thread

and then @john_pierson’s website
it does appear to be possible with the Rythmn package.
Placing the views on sheets, once they are in your project would be possible, what will be the logic you want to place them? Would you want to place all of them on one sheet? Does/do the sheet/s already exist, or do you want to create them too?

Well Someone toss me a life ring i’ve looked all day for this and can not find it in the rhythm package needing application.Backroundopen node and cant seem to find it.

maybe re-download the package?


Yea had to reload package.