Data-Shapes Default Indices

When including the default indices in the UI.Listview Data node I cannot get the UIMultipleInputForm++ to open it errors out. Error in the form shows index out of range and is always 5 numbers off of the number of keys / values (even if i change the amount). Has anyone else run into this issue? Is the format of my inputs correct?

Currently can’t post an image but will keep trying…


Works for me.

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That works for me as well, some more information the image would help… I am using List.AllIndicesOf to generate a list of all trues (or checked). Can i push that list into the default values? Seems i need to reformat it first?

What does your list of Keys look like?

hi @dcesarz ,
Please share a screenshot

I’m sure this is a formatting thing, sorry for the newb question…

there are 998 keys and only 691 indices as well…

Two questions :
-how many elements are in your “keys” list
-what version of the package are you using?

  • 998 keys
  • 2017.9.3

Oh wow that’s an old version! Could you please udpate to the latest version and see if it still behaves the same?

!WARNING! : In case you have many script using Data Shapes, you’re going to have to activate default values on new inputs

Hey @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi - still unfortunately having the same issue.

I’m having a hard time reproducing the error. Can yo share your data set?

no problem, here it is, thanks for looking into it!

Test Family_ALL Project Setup.dyn (33.7 KB)

Starter_IDS Families Master.xlsx (48.6 KB)

anyone have any thoughts on this?

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi - just curious if you found anything that i should modify with my dyn to get it to work?