Data-Shapes ListView Data Input UI - list levels?

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Can I ask if anyone could help me with the Data-Shapes ListView Data input, and specifically with list levels? Firstly is the node designed to be able to accomodate list level structures? The documentation on the Data-Shapes site only shows a single list of items.

I have tested many list level configurations but I have not got the data passing through to match. I would like to output each list item individually, using the checkbox supplied beside each item by the node, but it is outputting the L2 group. When you select L2 the multiple input ++ node pops up multiple times.

When the UI appears the second list is also missing 2 items, and as mentioned when a single item is selected it results in a group output.

Any suggestions? Thank you very much for any help!

Hi @TimGreatrex, can you please share the .dyn file to have a look?


Hi Antonio

Many thanks for taking a look. Below is the .dyn file. The Revit file is too big to upload, but it is just a series of levels as inputs.
ListView.dyn (70.8 KB)

Thank you very much for any help!

I am seeing a similar behavior with the nodes, but if you adjust the Levels on the Values input then you end up getting two popups which gives you the options you are looking for. I think if you just got the Item 1 from the Listview Data node you would have what your after.

First Popup

Second Popup

Values from selections in Second popup


Perhaps @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi can tell us if this is expected or where we may be going wrong. I doesn’t seem to Level / Lace as I would expect it too, but I haven’t tried to do it this way before either.

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Hi Sean

Many thanks, yes I also tried flattening and taking the First.Item of the inputs out from the ListView, but did not get the individual selections from the ListView to match on the MultipleInputForm ++. But I was also trying to avoid multiple pop-ups - I was hoping to achieve a solution with a single UI. I will have another go with this approach, thank you again!


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Hello @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi and @SeanP

Just wondered if you had any further thoughts on the list levels issue with the ListView Data node?
I didnt get the FirstItem approach on the inputs between the input node and the MultipleInputForm ++ to work at all.

Thank you for any ideas. Shall I accept it works reliably only a single list level set of data?

Thanks again!

Just wanted to make sure your not actually getting the FIRST item, your actually getting the second which is Index 1.

Or possibly just the last item depending on your final list depth.

Many thanks again Sean, I tested one more time just now and no luck. The second group works, but the first list is incorrect, please see below:

UI selection:


Green highlight result is good, but yellow is incorrect.

Thank you again for your help

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Try this one. Not perfect, but can be used.

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Hi Vladimir

This is a great suggestion as an alternative. Thank you very much.

I will use this.
Thanks again