Input type are not matching

Dear All,

I have one problem, I using Dynamo Studio and it show warning content as below


please help me to solve problem.


Hello, it could be different things but your input data types are probably wrong ( See also this:
Warnings and Errors in Nodes
…and for further advice you’ll need to send files or screenshots.

Please upload screen shot of full diagram.

It’s my Dynamo Screen

Please help me!

I’m not sure where the Beam.Beam node comes from ?
But one way to do this is to create a curve, then create a beam from the curve.


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Hi Andrew
Thank you so much
I using Dynamo studio 2017, please help me how to add revit library into it ( what *dll file will import to Dynamo studio DS )

@hoand if you got your solution,don’t forget to tick
solution field.

Hi bikashseas
Ok I see it, but I try with your help it not solve my problem.
I import *dll file into Dynamo Studio and I want create object.

@hoand I think this is another issue.So please create new thread and close this one.
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When I import library then Dynamo Studio show issue as my picture


Dynamo Studio is a standalone app. You’ll need to use Dynamo for Revit instead.