Change beams size "can't make type" Revit error


I’m a Dynamo beginner testing a script which I would like to incorporate into a project. I would like to change the sizes of beams according to an Excel file. I can successfully import the data into Dynamo but when I run the script Revit gives me an error which states it "can’t make type “W Shapes-Profile”. What can I do to fix this and be able to change the beam sizes in Revit according to the input names coming from the Excel list?
Thank you.

dynamo graph can’t make type|690x187

Hello @ian.a.barragan you’re almost there! Here is a screenshot of what the value is looking for. As I understand it, you need to supply it with the family element. What you are supplying currently is the profile of the family. Thus why it’s not working.
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much @patrick_podeyn . It works beautifully now! Thanks for taking the time. Have a great one!

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You’re very welcome! You as well!