INPUT & OUTPUT settings

I was trying out the generative component of Revit using Dynamo and I ran into this problem (Screenshot).
As you can see only the input values are permuting while the outputs value are not.
Can anybody tell me what happend?
There is any setting that I must check to ?
Thank you!

Need to see the full graph to understand where the issue lay.

Could be a Data.Remember issue, could be a lack of alterations with the inputs changing, could be the use of a Revit API call between the remember and the gate, could be the output node happening after a gate… a lot of possible issues really.

Try opening your graph in Dynamo sandbox and see if adjusting the input sliders alters the generated content.

Altering manually the inputs brings to the outputs value changing.
There are not data.remember node, nor gates.

So nothing coming from Revit? Really we need the graph to help.

Here is a simplified graph that I have been working on. In this version Sliders A-H are inputs and there is only one output. The latter still doesn’t change …

Test.dyn (71.6 KB)

Which versions of Dynamo and Generative Design are you using?



I am using Revit 2022

Can you grab the ‘about generative design’ dialog from inside the generative design app?


Do you mean this dialog?

That’s the one. Try updating Revit as a next step, you’re missing a LOT of updates there (including several publicly disclosed security patches) which may just put things as they need to be.