Generative Design : Output node is not showing the value

Hello Everyone,
I have starting exploring the Generative design in R21, I have created the a small script for finding the angle at which minimum numbers of Circles can be incorporated in a fixed surface (boundary)

but in all the iteration, it is showing total count as 1 .
I dont know where i am doing the mistake,

Solar Lighting Protection Arrangement_GD_Dyn F.dyn (89.7 KB)

My guess is that you are returning an empty list, because there is something calling the Revit API in there somewhere.

Try running your graph in Dynamo Sandbox (copy the Generative Design package into your Sandbox package directory first - the Remember node will keep things handy for you).

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Hi @jacob.small, I ran this graph in Dynamo Sandbox and it’s working absolutely fine with relevant custom package installed. And I also went through the graph and could not find any node that interacts with Revit API, not even the package node.
I would also like to mention that the outcomes are being shown when I created study in GD in Revit2022.1 via Dynamo, and I didn’t change anything in Dynamo graph. @honeyjain619 , you could confirm if the following is indeed the outcome you are looking for.

That being said, I am still not sure what might be causing issue in your case, could be a bug in your GD version. I hope someone can provide an accurate solution based on this additional information. :raised_hands:

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Hello @YashRathore

Yes, I am looking for similar type of results, But i am doing this exercise in Revit 2021 GD 2.5 versions.
Thankyou for trying in R22 and confirming that the script is working as expected.
Good to see that my logic is working in GD also :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

although i have solve this exercise using excel,
I have created all the possible scenario, and exported all the input and output parameter in excel,
then in excel find the optimum output solution and get the respected inputs.