Input for transform copyfromviewtoview

Hi, could anyone please tell me what the input for transform is on this node?

Had a look through the dyf on my phone, looks like it might be an Autodesk.Revit.DB.XYZ but will look on the PC tmw :wink:

Could be another error, what happens if you take the code out of the node and deconstruct to remove any error handling…

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Looks like it is expecting a Coordinate System to convert to an Autodesk.Revit.DB.Transform (consisting of XYZ Basis and Origin data)

There may be another error in there stopping your views from being copied…

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awesome. Thank you. Just figuring out how to get the element origin to get the coordinate system. Transferring area boundaries, then areas and tags

hmmm not this node. Can a model curve have an origin though? :thinking: Do you need the point half way along maybe

I’m not sure, works when I dont try transform it

Tried this but the lines came through all whacko


Your other method did better but some of the lines are odd. Not sure if its a issue with what lines are in what view. Looked all good in the dynamo preview


inside the node

thank god

:laughing: Hopefully it will be all worth the struggle in the end :+1:

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