From Revit to FEM (and back)

I am new to Dynamo and is struggeling with a script to fix an analytical model in Revit before export to FEM.

At Autodesk University I found parts of a script made by Anders Hejnfelt called “From Revit to FEM and back” but it’s not possible to see how it is done, and now I am stuck nearly half way.

Do anyone have any similar scripts? The consept is to choose floors, grids and analytical walls to get the walls paralell with the grid automaticly based on nearest gridline.

[From Revit to FEM and back]

There is two nodes that no longer exists in dynamo. I am supposed to be abel to use “Id to element” and “points.deconstructpoint”. I’ve tried to follow steps in other threads, but it does not seem to work.

I swapped “points.deconstructpoint” with “Point.X” but get an error at the next node.

What does this error message mean?

Thank you for any help

the points are likely to have the same X coordinate.
You can try to get Point.Y from the start and endpoint and feed that in the Y input from the Point.ByCoodinates nodes.

Maybe you could take a look at this new package from Autodesk?

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This solved most of the issues.
I needed to uninstall and install the package a few times before it worked.

Thanks for the help.

Hello there,

I’m currently trying the same script.

I think the fastest way of getting the part of the image you sent would be to get the Grid line through “Grid.Curve” and then do “Line.Direction” to get the grid vectors.