Increase degree and control points of a Revit Surface

Hi everyone, I created a circular slab in Revit and then I read its top surface in Dynamo.
Now what I would like to do is to change the polynomial degree and the control points of this surface.
How can I do?
I don’t want to create a new surface from zero but I want to use this one to increase the above mentioned parameters.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Maybe a conceptual Mass family and a floor/wall/roof by face in Revit
Update the Mass family using Dynamo and update to face in Revit

spontanious thoughts here

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus thank you for your answer but unfortunately it didn’t help me.
I still don’t see how I can change/improve the number of control points/knots in curves and surfaces already created in the Revit conceptual mass.
Any other suggestions?

I was thinking of starting Dynamo inside the Family environment, thus controlling the points,
So saving/updating the family would be possible. If you had already placed the conceptual Family in the Project environment and given it a Floor by Face, the Update by Face functionality (in Revit) would also be there.