Dynamo revolve surface to Revit as "Generic Model" or Mass

How can we take a Dynamo revolve surface to Revit as “Generic Model” or Mass


Or if you want to use the Form node in dynamo…

But there doesn’t seem to be an option to revolve.


Excellent! Works.

How can we use roof or wall by face inside dynamo?

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After a number of trials, I was successful in creating a shape profile and then surface revolve around a circle to create a surface in Dynamo. But I am having a problem to make this surface to display inside a conceptual mass family as true surface geometry.

My goal is to be able to change the surface in Dynamo by changing the profile size, then it updated the surface geometry real-time inside Revit.

is this node [ImportInstance.ByGeometry] not working anymore?

I will appreciate any directions to make this work.