Element.Geometry Interesting Results

I am getting some interesting results when using the Element.Geometry node. It is not consistently getting the correct results for the solid. Has anyone had this issue? These are the same families, but with different results.

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@mikej ,

what are your inputs?

with solids how does it work ?

They are family elements.


I think it might have to do with the orientation of the family in the model. I don’t understand why that should cause this result.

Same result with element.solids

@mikej ,

what do you want to achive ?



I am setting up for proximity tests and obviously with the extra geometry my tests will be wrong.

@mikej ,

you need one consisted geometry ?

you can use Union…

I do need the consistent geometry of the family element for my purposes.

there are long standing issues with the conversion of certain Revit surfaces to Dynamo geometry - if you have an easily reproducible case and you can provide all the files and steps necessary to reproduce that would be great.

fitting orientations.rvt (5.3 MB)

This Revit model has the families placed in the different orientations. If you try to get the solids from them for Dynamo some of them get some crazy results as illustrated above.

Do you have different geometry for each level of detail?
If i’m not mistaken Dynamo is using only Medium

Hi @mikej could something help…

That is the result I want, but am getting this…

Hi Mike havent test your file in 2021 only 2022 and i work i guess…so strange…we get some warnings when we try edit family…not sure it could be that…

I just tried it in 2023 and got correct results. It must be the Dynamo build in 2021.

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Thanks for your help. Knowing that it was possible to get the correct results is half the battle.

Does it work in 2021 if you do something here…

Still get the crazy geometry in 2021