Element.Geometry incorrectly smears curved beam element

I have a number of beam elements that are swept along minor arc paths in Revit. When processing the element with Element.Geometry, the resulting geometry is not correct - it looks as though a mesh is being smeared from the end of the element to the start, on the major arc path.

I have tried processing this with Rhino.Inside, which produces no such errors. How can this be resolved with dynamo?

Try using Element.Solids, or Element.Faces instead to see if that resolves it.

Same issue with Element.Solids and Element.Faces.

FYI @ziyun.shang :slight_smile:

Can you post a model with just one failing element in it so that we can get the development teams eyes on it?

Uploaded here - I’ve checked and the error is reproduced in this isolated model.

Revit version, Dynamo Core, Dynamo Revit

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I believe there is a more extensive bug which may be related - I have found a separate instance where hollow section column elements are interpreted as a solids with a volume 100x greater than the Revit instance.