Import sat in revit by dynamo

Hi, i’m trying to import a rhino sat file composed from some surface,
probably i made some error, i can see the geometry in rhino but i cannot define it in revit.

Hello and welcome…which revit version do you use ?

2021, but i can use 22 or 23

No 2021 is fine as the spring node doesnt work good In 2022…are you sure you only feed in one component from the sat gemetry node

Do you think that the problem could be related to the rhinoceros form?


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Yes it is you could try join them or import them as many surfaces but then the all should have a unique name

Here is an example for create unqiue names…

Great thanks,
i have my surface in rhino…now i have another problem but i think that i have to open another thread,
on this surface i can’t use neither

wall or roof by mass, and i need to define a thickness…

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Looks great :wink: