Importing Revision Cloud Comments to Sheet Parameters

Hi there, I am still very new to Dynamo and I have been trying for a while to get this to work but I need some help.

I’m moving my company into using the Revisions Cloud Comments field to be able to quickly make a narrative using the Revision Cloud properties, IE. Sheet Number, Sheet name, Comments, Detail Number, and Element ID. using this we are able to quickly run a Script and make a narrative to send to the GC or Owner.

My company has been using a dummy generic annotation family filled with user entered text to track the comments and place it on the sheet. I would like like to make just one script that creates the revision narrative excel file and looks at the Revision Cloud’s Comments field and fills in the sheet parameter multiline text field Rev-Comments so that users who do not know dynamo can just use the Dynamo Player, press play, and get the Revision Summary filled in on the sheets per the comments in the clouds on those sheets.

For instance if I have a cloud on A3-00 with the the comment of “testing” I do not want that same comment to appear on CD-01.

PRJno_Revision-SummaryREDO.dyn (24.6 KB) PRJno_Revisions.dyn (38.4 KB)

In order for this to work, I think you’ll need to iterate each sheet, then each view on the sheet to see if it contains a cloud. If so, you get the info and apply it to that sheet.
See if this helps.

Thank you SeanP! that node is very useful but I am not sure what it is that you are recommending that I do after connecting it. I understand IF statements in excel for comparing 2 different items but I am apparently clueless to them, no matter what I read, in regards to Dynamo.

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Here is the process I believe would work for you.

  1. Collect all sheets

  2. Collect all views on each sheet

  3. Check the view for revision clouds visible in that view
    A. Collect Element in view vs All elements in Active View

  4. Get the comment from each revision and then write it back to the sheet.

Sorry I haven’t been at my computer, but I can try to put this together when I get a chance.

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Hey there SeanP, have you had a chance to mock this up? I apologize for my limited dynamo knowledge.

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I think this should get you going. Just need to plug the information back into the sheet. The AnyFalse node is from Clockwork.

Thank you SeanP! This is really cool. I am getting a weird thing happening where I am still getting Empty List items at the end of the script. I also have some clouds on sheets which are not being picked up in this method where it is looking just at the clouds in views. If there is a specific video or series that I need to watch to learn how to manage lists I can go to that. Thank you so much for your help thus far.

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Could you share the model or a version of it?

Here is the best place to get started, but I am not sure how your getting another level to your lists.

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So, this is working it seems for all of the clouds IN the views. I think what you may want to do is break it apart and run a separate graph for revision clouds that are DIRECTLY on the sheet. Once you have those, and combined the comments, then run this graph and just “append” this text too it.

Keep in mind that there is quite a bit going on here with levels and cleaning empty lists to keep them in the same structure as the sheets. I would imagine you could clean up a lot of this with a couple python nodes, but wanted to give a solution that was node based.

PRJno_Revision-SummaryREDO.dyn (120.4 KB)