Importing Geometry in Revit

When we generate geometry in Dynamo - via curve.extrude - and and then import instances via “import geometry”, that results in a “symbol” in Revit, that if exploded, results in “nothing”.

If partially/complete exploded, we get this “Import contained 3D data or points which can’t be exploded. Only 2D data was exploded.”

What is the way of importing the extruded geometry and keep its flexibility (parametrization) after we transfer that to Revit? - as main point of Revit/BIM is

parametrization and intelligence embedded in entities.

Thanks for suggestions/comments.

Hi Adrian,

I think that the only way to explode the dynamo output inside Revit, is to import it as a closed solid.

Alternatively, you could try using the “Form.ByLoftCrossSections” node.






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