Import CAD and automatically put them in a drafting view with dynamo

is it possible to import CAD (dwg file) automatically with Dynamo in specifics drafting views of the project, but many files at a time?
I explain myself,
I have to import and convert 300+ CAD to Revit, but I don’t want, each time, to clic on import cad…
Like 001.dwg import in drafting view 001, 002.dwg import in drafting view 002, …

Is it possible? And if so, how?

(is my question clear enough?)

Yes this is possible. Here is a previous thread on the topic that has a few versions of a Python script that will import a DWG file:

Set up a directory folder with all of your CAD files, get the directory contents, use DraftingView.ByName for each file and connect your files and the drafting views into the Python script


Didn’t work, can you help?
my two inputs are list, first the list of files dwg ans the second one, a list of drafting view.
The python error is that it expect a string (str) but receive a list at line 41


Could you show the preview on your Excel.ReadFromFile node? My guess would be your list structure. Try plugging your filepaths into a flatten node before the Python script


I have tried this node with a list of file paths and views and it does not work for me.
My goal is to read a directory and to catch all the dwgs from there…but how I can not get it to work for a list…That will be the second step…

I have tried with

I have tried with transaction start and transaction end…

I have tried making this node a custom node.

I have tried with loop while, Clockwork passthroug and none of them I could get the node manage a list.

I tried modify the node with Python but I suppose I do not know how to do that properly and I could not get it to work.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Abel,

Welcome to the Dynamo forum.
Please read this topic which is similar to your request.

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Thank you very much.

It worked.:smiley:

I managed to get all dwgs in a directory and create drafting views with the names of the dwgs.

Moreover, I managed to position all list of dwgs in a unique drafting view and move them later.
I used your help with the WombatDynamo unpin tool.

So, Thank you twice.

I know this thread is old, but could you share your dyn file?