Model poly curve

i have a lot of curves that i joined it in one poly curve,i need to know how to model this poly curve into revit as one element.


“DetailCurve.ByCurve” and “ModelCurve.ByCurve” should work to get curves from Dynamo to Revit.
As far as I know, there is no “Polycurve” in Revit.

“DetailCurve.ByCurve” and “ModelCurve.ByCurve” will model separate curves, i need to model it one shot.

thank you.

There is no Polycurves/Polylines in Revit.

i know , but how to model curves one shot.
Thank you.

Sorry, man. I don’t dictate how this works. This is the only way:

If you really need them as a single entity, you could make a filled region or add them to a property line.

could you please tell me how !!!

thank you

You could create your lines as a NurbsCurve and it will come into Revit as a spline / single entity

could you please tell me how, cause there is only model curve so it it will be separated.

thank you.

I’m not sure what your curves are like, and there is a potential to lose precision with this method (you might want to get your points on each individual curve rather than on the polycurve so you don’t lose hard angles) but this will give you one single model curve as a Revit spline:


thank you