Import value of excel cell into a parameter


Hi everybody, I just started to use Dynamo and I am having some trouble to import a value from excel to revit. I created a simple excel file to test the function, it looks like this :


I would like to associate the number in the C column with the element in the B column. Here is what I have done :

My idea was to use a dictionnary in order to search in elements I have selected and then associated these elements with a value. I have used the same name in the excel file than in Revit but it appears that the dictionnary is not able to give me my list of value. I don’t understand why I am obtaining an empty list. I also tried to use the ID of the type instead of the name but I have the same result. Thanks guys, Nathan


Here’s n example that does the same ting



Thanks for your answer ! But I still can’t make it work … It seems like the equality test always returns false. Though, I have exaclty the same strings in excel and REVIT. Maybe it’s not possible to compare two strings, I don’t know. But anyway, I talked to my boss this morning and we will do differently !


Hi Nathan,

Right now you’re feeding in an actual elements in the search keys. Try converting those elements to to their string representation either with “Element.Name” or “String from Object”.


Thanks Dimitar, it was the problem, it works just as I want now !