Parameters from Excel to Revit


Hi everyone,

I want to import parameters from excel to revit to avoid typing all the properties manually. I have made this (image), I want to set the right parameter to the right element according to the “Mark” but I don’t know what I have to do next.
I just started to use Dynamo so I’m just a rookie at this.

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For each element how many different parameters are you trying to set? What are the names of those parameters? How are the values ordered in your spreadsheet?


First thank you for the reply.


I’m trying to set one parameter, called “Comments”, for some elements. The values in excel are in ascending order.

In Revit they have a different order so I don’t how will make that link.

Here is another image:


Try this. The Number.ToString node is required because both mark and comments are strings and you may be getting numbers out of excel.


Tim you’re the man!
It’s working as I wanted. Thank you very much for your help!