Import Instance is NULL

Hi All,

I received a Revit model from a consultant. however using my dynamo script to extract linked CAD and view it was in. It returns a huge list of NULL instance. Anybody know why this happens?

And this file also turns out to be very heavy to switch from one plan view to another…takes me a minimum of 3 mins to load each view. Revit file size is around 280mb

Hi @rafiealam

You have multiple queries here. Create one topic for each query we can’t have multiple solutions in one topic. Now coming back to your first query show us your complete graph with all the previews on for each node.

Im sorry for that second query, i tot that info could have been another symptom to this issue.

#1-overall graph

#2- Section 1

#3-Section 2

I guess there is no hope to get this corrected right?
Today I found there is untitled.dwg was listed as linked files. but not appearing in Manage Link tool.
How to remove this form the project? tried to purge it didnt work

Finally we found the solution. The untitled.dwg is actually a 3d CAD used by our consultant to model the shrubs…they shld have used a family instead.

Case closed.