Import image and set Image parameter

hi all,

can i assign a color or image as value for the node ‘setparameterbyname’ for an image parameter in Revit? I was thinking about placing images in a map and get the path to import the images, but i dont get it done.

Any idea’s?

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Here is how to set the Image parameter of an element:
The image has to figure in the image manager first…


Great answer! That post you link to also links to another discussion that explains how to programmatically import an image into a document. Here’s a link to that:



great guys! but i cant make an image parameter instance. So it can only be a type parameter. And the type parameter can only be edited in the family editor mode.

Is there another way to fix this?

See here for type parameters setting methods:

yeah all right, my input is family type, but i get this error. The parameter for a image parameter is read only, it can only be edited in the family editing mode. :frowning:

And there’s another problem, i would like to get an image for any instance so not as a type parameter. I want each foundation pile with a different elevation at bottom an color image so that we can work with colors. But the color should be on drawing but also in the schedule…

Any idea’s for that?

whatever parameter you are trying to access here its READ ONLY so no, you can’t set it.

If you don’t have any, you can add an Image instance parameter to your foundations through the Project Parameters dialog. For the second part of your question (which would maybe deserve a new thread :slight_smile:) you could group your foundation piles according to the Elevation at Top parameter with a List.GroupByKey node. This parameter would also help to sort the schedule. For the graphic part, you could be interested in the Element.OverrideColorInView node…

wow! This it, really great. Thanks a lot!!!

now for the last part i am trying to assign a image to every list / index of the grouped piles. For example i want list 0 to be set on the first image/value, list 1 with the second image/value, and so on.

could you explain to me how that can be done?

It seems that there is nothing to change here: each ImageType is applied to all items of the corresponding index at level 2 (@2). But I can’t explain why precisely. You could proceed some tests to check this…

Sorry for not having seen this issue before now, but if it can help anyone, then I have made a new node that can import images into Documents, that supports setting the value in a SetParameterByName node.

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Hi Konrad,
I can’t find working link to
Can you please advise?

Is there a way to set the image in the Type Image Parameter of a Family from the project?
The parameter is read only, but your nodes are asking to be run in a Family Editor.

the website is out of service …!